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Accessibility Statement

Viewing the page:

The site was designed to be viewed at a screen resolution of 950×750 pixels. If your screen resolution is set higher, you may experience trouble reading some of the text. Javascript and cookies are used for session management and statistical monitoring purposes. To view the site as it was intended, please ensure that your browser is set to enable Javascript and cookies.

Accessibility for people with disabilities:

Because GNDP is committed to providing online services to all members of the public we’ve taken some steps to make sure the site is properly accessible:

Frames aren’t used – they confuse some speech synthesizers

We’ve used alternative text to describe the content of each picture -this is useful for text-based browsers and/or users with visual impairments
Contrast between the background and text has been increased to make it more readable
Making certain that fields in online forms can be navigated by pressing ‘tab’ on the keyboard – important for people who can’t use a mouse
Information has been chunked, reduced and displayed so that it can be read more easily.

Accessing Adobe:

If you have difficulty using the Acrobat PDF files on this site go to the Adobe site for the latest version of Adobe Acrobat. This has features to help the visually impaired.