Our vision

Our vision is that by 2026 the extended communities of the three districts will be strong, cohesive, creative and forward looking.

Between 2008 and 2026, at least 36,740 new homes will be built and about 27,000 new jobs will be created. Our vision for the area’s economy is ambitious. Creating the conditions for 27,000 new jobs will not be easy, particularly in light of the difficult times the country finds itself in. But we have clear plans in place to realise this ambition. We want to maximise the benefits of these local assets, as well as create the conditions for new ones to flourish. The population growth we are planning for will bring with it many economic opportunities, and we will create the right conditions to harness them.

All communities will be safer, healthier, more prosperous, sustainable and inclusive. High quality homes will meet people’s needs and aspirations in attractive and sustainable places. People will have access to good quality jobs and essential services and community facilities, with less need to use the car. Development will be to the highest possible standards of design, enhancing the quality and distinctiveness of the area and will bring improved infrastructure, services and facilities to benefit new and existing communities.

This is an ambitious vision, and it presents us with stretching targets. To meet them Broadland District Council, Norwich City Council, and South Norfolk Council have worked together with Norfolk County Council as the Greater Norwich Development Partnership, to draw up a Joint Core Strategy. It has not been easy, and we are grateful for the input of all the local people and organisations that have taken part in consultations. These have helped us identify the local issues and concerns which need to be considered. The effort we have made in drawing up our strategy means that our area can continue to provide homes and opportunities for local people and their families, and that growth will happen in a sustainable way that complements the existing local character.